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Wholesale Trailers provides quality trailers for storage or transportation purposes in Lebanon, TN. Our company offers sales and rental of secure, low-cost storage solutions to meet your specific needs. We provide affordable mobile warehousing and storage of your household and commercial items. Our storage solutions are ideal for companies needing more storage space for products and equipment.

storage trailers - Lebanon, TN - Wholesale Trailers

Our Company Offers:

  • Semi trailers - For mobile warehousing and storage
  • On-site and off-site storage
  • Industrial storage trailers
  • Manufacturing storage trailers
  • Construction storage trailers
  • Quality trailers for road use
  • 28 - 53 foot trailers

Our company serves the entire Middle Tennessee area. We offer pick-up and delivery services.

Call Wholesale Trailers today at 615-257-0511.

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1015 McCreary Road
Lebanon, TN 37090